Lasik Toronto With Dr. Andrew Taylor

Dr. Andrew Taylor is a Laser Eye Surgeon who believes in the principles of perfection and quality service. That is why Dr. Andrew Taylor continually strives to satisfy you not just with a highly qualified medical team and our state-of-the-art equipment but also by creating a fulfilling and truly healing experience for you. We recognize that each individual is unique and that is why we treat each of our patients as a unique case. In furthering this belief, our entire staff interacts with you; tailor building your case every step of the way, starting the moment you walk in our doors at any one of our locations. Someone will constantly be there to answer the tiniest of your queries, soothe frayed nerves, explain the procedure or help with understanding postoperative care. Our patients donít have a simple surgery when they choose us; they receive an extremely personal and comfortable journey.


Our team of experts constantly stays updated on the latest industry procedures and techniques in order to deliver the best services to our patients. Dr. Andrew Taylor uses only the best and most advanced technology in surgical, therapeutic and ophthalmic equipment in order to ensure continued high standards of laser eye treatment (and subsequent care). We put in the entire might of our combined expertise, groundbreaking practices and cutting – edge technology towards every single procedure that any and all of our patients undergo. That is why our patients can expect painless surgeries, amazing recovery times (it is a matter of pride with us that our patients can resume their regular life activities almost immediately after surgery) and finally leading up to permanently improved vision. Our patients often end up with perfect 20/20 vision (even the ones who had imperfect vision prior to surgery).


Allow our team of experts to assist you in discovering a new world of clear vision and perfect perception® a world where you no longer need to sit on the sidelines, unable to participate.
Walk into any of our world-class locations.


Dr. Andrew Taylor – Toronto