We are committed to healthy vision. And as Dry Eye experts we offer specialized attention through your Dry Eye Clinic. We understand your frustration with the limitations of traditional therapies and are committed to bringing you the best in technology available to treat this uncomfortable disease-so that you can enjoy the greatest possible relief.
It’s time for a revolutionary approach to Dry Eye treatment.
If you’ve been suffering with this painful condition- or think you may have it- we can determine the cause of your symptoms and apply therapy appropriate to your specific needs that may make your daily discomfort a thing of the past. We also offer the new Lipiflow® thermal pulsation treatment; if you suffer from evaporative Dry Eye you can now get this treatment in our office. With just one treatment, you may experience sustained relief.
If you suffer from any of these symptoms from time to time you may benefit from a visit to our Dry Eye clinic.


  • Dryness
  • Discomfort
  • Grittiness of feeling of a foreign body in the eye
  • Burning or stinging sensation
  • Tearing
  • Discharge
  • Tiredness
  • Itching
  • Vision Disturbance
  • Sensitivity to light
Tears are made up of three layers:

There are two main forms of the disease:
Evaporative & Aqueous Deficient.

Evaporative Dry Eye, which accounts for 86% of all dry eye cases, is caused by blockages in the Meibomian glands located in your eyelids.
This condition of obstructed glands in known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. These glands are responsible for creating the lipid (oil) layer of tears. When the glands aren’t working as they should, you don’t have enough tear film oil. And your tears-which lubricate your eyes and keep them comfortable-evaporate too quickly. An insufficient oil layer can cause your tears to evaporate 4x -16x faster.

Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye occurs when the lacrimal glands do not create a sufficient amount of aqueous (water) to keep the eyes moist.