Contact lenses are worn in order to correct your prescription without wearing spectacle lenses, but since the lenses rest on the eye, the lenses can “mold” the corneal surface and cause changes in the corneal curvature. Since this may lead to a change in your prescription (refractive error), we require that you stop wearing your contact lenses prior to your appointment (see chart below) and wear only glasses. This will ensure proper calculations of your cornea so that an appropriate treatment to correct your refractive error is offered to you.


Removal time prior to Pre-Operative Evaluation:

Please note that this is the MINIMUM length of time for contact lens removal, and that the individual rate of corneal adjusting may vary. If your cornea is still adjusting at the pre-operative or surgery appointment, then you will be asked to reschedule your appointment for a later date. This will ensure the cornea returns to its natural shape, and thus enables you the opportunity to attain the best possible outcome with surgery. Please not that it is your responsibility to adhere to this policy. LASIK PROVISION will not reimburse you for time off work, hotel, airline tickets or any other expenses incurred due to rescheduling.